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2 Things You Must Do to Get the Most out of Corporate Sales Training

Posted by Area9 on Jun 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Corporate sales training

For the average salesperson, corporate training is the last place they want to be, and that’s because time spent in training is time spent not selling. This puts any would-be trainer at a disadvantage: take too long with the training, and you lose the sales crowd. But be too brief with the training (to accommodate for the fast-paced environment) and you risk spending too little time on important topics, thereby losing the learner’s interest.

This is a frequent sales management dilemma. Not only do you need training to hit the sweet spot in terms of speed and engagement, you also need to devote time for practice and repetition without taking too much time. Here are two things a corporate sales training program must do in order to balance time spent on training with the employee’s mandate for successful sales:

1. Make Learning Engaging

It sounds like a tall order to just instantly make learning more engaging. But what does it take to do that? Engaged learners want to see that they are making progress and that their studies are worthwhile.

They want to know that the new knowledge they acquire will positively and directly affect their sales. If sales management makes the training more beneficial to the learner, more about self-assessment and personal growth and less about checking off boxes and memorizing figures, learner engagement will follow.

2. Allow for Practice and Repetition

Every skill takes practice. We accept this in many activities. Yet, that’s not always the case with our professional lives. Even the best sales rep on your team can improve, and even the best rep has weak points that could be refined.null

If you have mixed results with your sales team each month, with reps seemingly working in an unpredictable way — not hitting their quotas, for example — then this point is particularly important. Lessons need to be repeated to achieve mastery, and mastery is needed to achieve more consistent results.

Mastering Corporate Sales Training

How can you find a training program that is both quick and improves learning mastery, while allowing for practice and repetition?

Adaptive Learning has both of these training objectives covered.

Adaptive Learning can be done from mobile devices while on the go. It’s an accessible learning management system that doesn’t leave any learner behind, offering in-depth, personalized instruction. Each individual’s learning preferences are catered to and presented to the learner in an intuitive way. Because of this, Adaptive Learning can reduce your corporate training time by 50% while simultaneously increasing learner mastery and reducing unconscious incompetence.

Recharging the Batteries - The Adaptive Learning Way

Meanwhile, Adaptive Learning’s Recharge function ensures that learning is not a one-time event: learners also have opportunities to recharge and refresh their skills periodically, as needed, just like a battery.

To recap, Adaptive Learning helps sales teams by:

  • providing shorter training times
  • facilitating learning mastery
  • reducing unconscious incompetence
  • strengthening understanding through repetition

Adaptive Learning is a more engaging and effective corporate training experience for your sales reps than traditional approaches: less time in training means more time selling. While Adaptive Learning’s training time is shorter, knowledge retention is greater, so your reps will be more skilled and close more deals in an even shorter period of time.

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