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3 Benefits of Adaptive Learning (& 3 Risks We Can Help You Avoid)

Posted by Area9 on Nov 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Corporate learning and e-learning are too often seen as a “check the box” exercise. Learners do not engage with the content and the result is that they do not learn anything, they do not master the content, and therefore they cannot bring that mastery back into the business.

The goal of Adaptive Learning is to correct the failings of corporate learning. By providing personalized learning to every learner in real-time, mastery is guaranteed and engagement is increased.

As a computer-based teaching system, Adaptive Learning uses a question-based teaching method, known as formative assessment, and improves learning delivery methods in three key ways.

The 3 Benefits of Adaptive Learning

  1. Adaptive Learning is a faster teacher: The personalized aspect of Adaptive Learning means that learners are never wasting time learning content they already know. Area9 has found that Adaptive Learning teaches up to 50% faster than other traditional corporate and e-learning methods, allowing your employees to spend more time bringing what they’ve learned back into your business.

  2. Adaptive Learning uncovers and corrects unconscious incompetence: unconscious incompetence - or not knowing what you don’t know - plagues a learner’s knowledge of 15-40% of any given topic. For example, employees think they know all the features of your company product but in reality what they think they know is partially or wholly incorrect. Because of the personalized learning and question-based methods used by Adaptive Learning, unconscious incompetence is not only uncovered but quickly corrected.

    Adaptive Learning can save your company time spent re-training and fixing mistakes, and money in lost profits. In some industries, Adaptive Learning can help save lives.

  3. Adaptive Learning recharges the brain: Learning rarely happens through a one-time event. The brain needs multiple exposures to content in order to learn and retain the information as knowledge. Adaptive Learning improves retention by deliberately and optimally exposing learners to learning content multiple times. Because the Adaptive Learning tool understands the learner, the program knows what learners need more exposure to, so they can best remember what they’ve learned.

These are just a few of the benefits of Adaptive Learning; while Adaptive Learning has many more, here are some of the objections to Adaptive Learning we most commonly hear.

The 3 Concerns About Adaptive Learning

  1. Adaptive Learning requires new Learning & Development skills: Because Adaptive Learning uses question-based learning, it needs good questions to teach effectively. “Bad” questions are easy to guess, poorly worded, and confusing. Writing good questions tied to your learning objectives is a skill to be mastered. The fix? Area9 can author questions to get you started and mitigate this risk. Then we’ll teach your training team how to do it too.

  2. Beware of some Adaptive Learning systems: Some Adaptive Learning engines are better than others; those that are equipped to deal with every learner, scenario, content, skill, or knowledge gap are best in class. What’s best in class? Researchers at Area9 know that no two brains are the same and have created an Adaptive Learning delivery method based on a “biological model”. The biological model is guaranteed to be flexible enough to personalize to every individual learner and every kind of knowledge gap to ensure true mastery of course content, now and over time, in the most efficient, effective way known.

  3. Adaptive Learning requires more development effort: To be effective, learning objectives and questions for Adaptive Learning courses must be well written and clear, requiring effort. The fix? Our adaptive engine does all the heavy lifting of personalization; but if you’re worried that you don’t have the bandwidth to create an effective Adaptive Learning course for your company, the developers at Area9 are ready to help you.

The risks of Adaptive Learning are centered around the type of Adaptive Learning platform you have and your ability to create an effective Adaptive Learning course with it. However, the right Adaptive Learning software from the right company can mitigate those risks, and drive powerful business outcomes.

Improve Your Learning Delivery Methods With Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning has so much to offer your corporate and e-learning platform. Learn more about what Adaptive Learning can do for your business when you download this free infographic, What Is Adaptive Learning & How Can It Improve Your E-Learning Platform?

Adaptive E-Learning infographic


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