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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Corporate Learning Platform

Posted by Area9 on Oct 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Globalization, the demand for higher productivity and profit margins, and the practice of working remotely have increasingly driven companies toward e-learning as a training method over the last two decades. Despite its initial promise, the mass-produced quality of e-learning hinders its ability to deliver in 3 important ways: efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness. Adaptive Learning is 
e-learning that delivers the efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness - the 3Es - and more to corporate learners.

3 Ways Adaptive Learning Improves Corporate Learning

Area9’s Adaptive Learning platform is a computer-based teaching system that adapts to the needs of each learner in real-time. Adaptive Learning is the answer to the tedium of e-learning because it delivers the 3Es corporate learning needs to be successful.

  1.  Adaptive Learning is efficient: because it delivers only what each learner specifically neeconference-2705706_1920.jpgds, learners spend less time in training - up to 50% less time.
  2.  Adaptive Learning is engaging: because it is personalized to each learner’s needs, Adaptive Learning does more than teach content: it measures confidence levels and knowledge gaps. Learners feel more engaged with their learning content and engaged learners don’t just learn, they master.
  3.  Adaptive Learning is effective: because Area9 knows that learning content isn’t actually at the heart of corporate learning, they focus on proficiency. The purpose of corporate learning isn’t only to learn, but to help the learner achieve mastery so they may apply what they’ve learned back into the business, saving the business lost time and money in retraining and mistakes.

Corporate learning can often seem boring and unengaging. But it doesn’t have to be. Troubleshooting the problems of corporate and e-learning is as easy as embracing the personalization that Adaptive Learning brings.

Improve Your Corporate Learning Platform

Learn more about how Area9’s Adaptive Learning can improve your corporate learning by downloading this ebook. Find out the advantages of Adaptive Learning and how Adaptive Learning is right for your business.

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