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Adaptive Learning Is the Tool You Need to Reinvent Corporate Training

Posted by Area9 on Nov 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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In corporate training, it is typical to measure learners’ success by high attendance and course completion. But that’s not how corporate training should be measured. Success should be measured by a learner’s ability to take what they’ve learned and apply it back into the business, efficiently and effectively.  

Adaptive Learning delivers learning at scale, radically reinventing how we do corporate training.

How Does Adaptive Learning Improve Corporate Training?

Adaptive Learning measures the success of its learners differently than other corporate learning platforms. Instead of considering the learning complete (and success achieved) once a course is over, Adaptive Learning measures success through proficiency and mastery of course content. Adaptive Learning does this in two unique ways.

1. Adaptive Learning Measures a Learner’s Confidence in Corporate Training

Corporate Training 2.jpgAdaptive Learning creates a unique learning experience by asking learners to self-assess their confidence in their answers on a question-by-question basis. For example, if the adaptive engine asks “What is 1+1?”, it also asks the learner how sure they feel about their answer.

Area9’s research has shown, based on the results of millions of learners, that most people are open and honest when they self-assess, making it an invaluable tool. The adaptive engine also assesses learner confidence by comparing the speed with which a learner responds with the learner’s own self-rating.

Asking learners to reflect on their learning experience in real-time has the added benefit of creating more engaged learning.

2. Adaptive Learning Gathers Unique Data

Adaptive Learning collects detailed data that gives:

  • learners an insight into their own performance, and
  • learning executives insight into how effective their corporate training program is.

This data - which measures whether a learner was aware of what they did and did not know - is not generated by any other type of corporate training.

Reinvent Your Corporate Training With Adaptive Learning

If you’re ready to reinvent your corporate training platform, see if Adaptive Learning is right for your business. This checklist helps you identify what needs to change in your corporate training and if your business is especially well-suited to Adaptive Learning.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist

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