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Adaptive Learning Solves Onboarding In Industries With High Employee Turnover Rates

Posted by Area9 on Nov 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Industries with a high employee turnover rate - like hospitality, transportation, and retail - must not only onboard a revolving door of employees, they must meet their diverse learning needs as well.

Adaptive Learning can teach anything from straightforward compliance courses to complex technical training. But in industries with high employee turnover rates, Adaptive Learning can also set your business ahead of the competition.

How Does Adaptive Learning Solve Training Problems In An Industry With A High Employee Turnover Rate?

By personalizing to each learner, Adaptive Learning gives employees the knowledge they need to get up to speed quickly, despite the diverse backgrounds (for example, the different levels of education in your retail associates) that employees in high turnover industries have.

High Employee Turnover Rate (2).jpgHigh turnover means you’re not overly focused on onboarding new employees, but you must run your transportation, hospitality, or retail employee training almost constantly. Constant training wastes time in two ways:

  • Your business spends more time, money, and energy training new employees,
  • Your new employees spend too much time in training and not enough time applying their training to real-world situations.

Adaptive Learning fixes this because it cuts training time by up to 50%, making your employees more productive sooner, and improving your business performance faster.

Optimize Your Employee Training Platform

Find out if your current industry training methods can compete with Adaptive Learning, and how your industry might especially benefit from Adaptive Learning, when you download this free checklist. You’ll also learn how Adaptive Learning can bring productivity back to your business.

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