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Adaptive Learning Takes Hospitality Staff Training to the Next Level

Posted by Area9 on Dec 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Much as Adaptive Learning improves retail employee training by saving staff time away from the sales floor, Adaptive Learning improves hospitality staff training. 

That’s because Adaptive Learning can also track meaningful outcomes in customer service, health compliance, and safety awareness training. With Adaptive Learning, employees will spend less time in training, but reach consistently high levels of proficiency. And yes, this is true even for organizations with thousands of staff across local and international locations.

The Difficulty With Hospitality Staff Training


The hospitality industry faces the difficult task of contending with high employee turnover while its customers demand excellence. Without effective and efficient staff training, hospitality managers can feel like the only thing they do is onboard new staff, and live in fear that service delivery is suffering.

The hospitality industry uses a diverse group of employees whose experience ranges from novice to complete veterans. That means that some staff will see the corporate training content for the first time while others will have heard it all before but just need to know how your business does it.

Your level of customer service is your brand. Whether you have one location or hundreds all over the world, in the hospitality industry your customers demand and deserve the same excellent experience every time they visit. When one location or even one employee provides a lower level of service to your customers, it can decrease trust in your brand.

But Adaptive Learning Takes Hospitality Training A Step Above

Your hospitality staff training can’t just be good enough for when things are going right. It has to be good enough for when things are going wrong, too.

Adaptive Learning has the solution to onboarding the whole range of novice to experienced staff because it adapts your learning content to the individual. So, their experience level when things are going well - or wrong - doesn’t matter. The Adaptive Learning engine:

  • teaches only what your staff needs to know (without wasting time on the content they already know);
  • optimizes training time, cutting down on training by up to 50% so that new staff can get on the floor faster (with more competence than ever before) and;
  • uncovers unconscious incompetence - misconceptions about on-the-job knowledge and practices that have built up over years of experience - and corrects it in experienced employees.

Finally, since Area9 Learning is committed to providing Adaptive Learning that never takes a “one-size-fits-none” approach, Area9’s brand of Adaptive Learning guarantees that no matter the employee’s experience level, each learner will master your course content. That means your customers receive the same level of service every time, all the time.

Improve Your Hospitality Staff Training With Adaptive Learning

A great attitude can only go so far for your hospitality staff. Make sure your hospitality training takes them the rest of the way so that their attitude meets product, brand, and process knowledge to produce an exceptional service team. Discover what else Adaptive Learning can do for your hospitality business with this free infographic.

Adaptive E-Learning infographic


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