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Adaptive Learning: The Solution to Veteran and Novice Staff Training

Posted by Area9 on Nov 13, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Your staff are as varied in their education, knowledge, and experience as your customers are. But while your business processes can most likely adapt to the diverse needs of your customers, your current corporate training capabilities are probably not as diverse; “one size fits none” is one of the biggest problems in corporate e-learning today.

Thankfully, there is a solution: Adaptive Learning provides personalized learning at scale, adapting to the learning needs of every individual whether they’re a novice or a veteran.

“One Size Fits None” Staff Training Is a Thing of the Past

Adaptive Learning is uniquely positioned to help you create corporate e-learning for novices and veterans alike. Each Adaptive Learning course adapts to the individual, helping them discover what they know and don’t know - and teaching them only what they need to know (and not wasting time on things they already know); it’s how you simplify and shorten your staff training process.

Staff Training for Novices

Outdated teaching methods, high turnover, and seasonal workers make onboarding new employees in the retail industry time consuming and expensive. You want your employees to be knowledgeable about products and articulate your brand without lots of time off for staff training. Adaptive Learning adjusts to the needs of your novice employees, cutting training time in half and guaranteeing proficiency, meaning your employees make a big difference in your company, faster.  

One company using Adaptive Learning for retail staff training is Shinola, a rapidly growing Detroit-based luxury goods company.

Staff Training for Experienced Employees

staff training 2.jpgFor veteran or expert employees, Adaptive Learning helps uncover unconscious incompetence - misconceptions about job knowledge and practices that build up over years - and corrects it. By fixing instances of unconscious incompetence in veteran employees, Adaptive Learning reduces financial risk and company liability and improves performance for individual employees. As a result, the company performs better financially.

An example of experienced employees using Adaptive Learning is the New England Journal of Medicine, which uses Adaptive Learning to prepare doctors for Board Certification.  

Solve Your Staff Training Problem With Adaptive Learning

Whether you’re constantly training new staff or need to retrain an experienced team, Adaptive Learning can guarantee mastery for all. Find out how with this free infographic.

Adaptive E-Learning infographic

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