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Are Online Corporate Training Programs Better Than Classroom Learning?

Posted by Area9 on Feb 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Before we talk about which is better than the other, let’s talk about trends. In 2018, online corporate training programs are developing fast and becoming ever-more accessible.

And with new graduates expecting to be able to do training (and just about everything else) online, e-learning will become an assumption of corporate training programs.

Will Online Corporate Training Programs Replace Classroom Learning?

They can. But they don’t have to. Some forms of e-learning, including Adaptive Learning, are meant to replace the classroom entirely. But Adaptive Learning also offers blended learning models, which merely bolster the abilities the instructor already has, and make their job easier, making it quicker to focus on what they do best: teaching. Blended learning takes the best elements of classroom and Adaptive Learning, to give every learner the experience they need (resulting in a flipped classroom scenario).

12_2.jpgWhen Adaptive Learning leads corporate training instructors come into class, confident that learners are already at the stage they need to be, rather than spending valuable class time catching the class up before moving forward.

Adaptive Learning goes beyond traditional methods of testing, asking learners to answer questions and rate how confident they are in their answers. This system allows both instructors and learners to:

  • track the progress of their most- and least-confident areas,
  • free up more time to work on the problem areas, and
  • skip the subjects learners are perfectly confident in.

Online corporate training programs aren’t better than classroom learning necessarily. They both have strengths and weaknesses. And that’s the point. Learning will need to change and update, but using both methodologies can ensure learners have the best of two worlds.

Case Study: New England Journal of Medicine

The medical world is one that holds to traditional forms of learning, but is also aware that new technology needs to be used to improve efficiency. When the New England Journal of Medicine incorporated the Knowledge+ system into their training program, medical practitioners found that Adaptive Learning goes beyond traditional methods of e-learning.

Need More Information About Adaptive Learning? Download This Infographic to Learn More

Adaptive E-Learning infographic


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