The collaboration with Area9 Lyceum is providing VEJ-EU’s course participants with completely new opportunities to attend courses across a variety of platforms including laptops, tablets and even smartphones. VEJ-EU understands that workplace safety begins with a well-trained workforce, therefore the first courses to be launched on the Area9 platform will be focused on Work Zone for infrastructure.

This partnership was agreed to on October 5, 2018. Work has already been initiated to convert VEJ-EU courses with launch scheduled for April 2019. Area9 Lyceum’s Learning Engineers are working on converting the content while the subject matter experts from VEJ-EU are ensuring content quality on the new platform.

”We have decided to partner with Area9 Lyceum because of their unique Rhapsode-platform that can be used to convert and expand our existing course material into personalized learning, and deliver on our ambition to be able to deliver courses ’anywhere, anytime’ that adjusts to each individual. Our target audience has a wide variety of experiences and competencies, and the ability for the platform to adjust to each individual is extremely valuable since everyone will get a tailored experience.” Henrik Harder, VEJ-EU CEO

”VEJ-EU is an ideal partner, that has set out on an ambitiuos and forward-sighted solution by converting their existing courses to our pedagogic methodology. This is potentially a groundbreaking collaboration in a sector that in the coming years will see an increased need for adoption to the 4th industrial revolution. We predict there will be a large need for up-skilling of employees so we are excited that VEJ-EU and Area9 Lyceum can set out on this journey together.” Ulrik Juul Christensen, Area9 Lyceum CEO