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Can You Provide Pilot and Flight Instructor Training At Scale?

Posted by Area9 on Jul 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Pilots and flight instructors have different objectives for different jobs and require different content to be trained effectively. While traditional e-learning programs may struggle to handle different needs, Area9’s biological model makes it easy to train for different skill and experience levels, as well as for different but related roles.

Lessons From Healthcare

Flight instructors and pilots need different but complementary training. There’s a parallel between pilot and flight instructor training, and how Coloplast, a leading healthcare product company solved their training challenges. Coloplast had a goal to internally train its sales teams to sell medical products to physicians, by training team members to understand how physicians think and speak in the language that they use.

Coloplast also had to train physicians on how to use the products. Coloplast chose Area9’s Adaptive Learning for their learning platform, which could easily train physician end-users as well as those — like their sales team — who need to think like them.

Just like it did with Coloplast, Adaptive Learning can train two different roles on similar topics but for different outcomes, and it can do it up to 50% faster, while still improving learner mastery.

Adaptive Learning Adjusts to Any Pilot for Flight Instructor Training

nullAdaptive Learning has the scale and scope to train anyone to adapt to any needs, and it has the ability to train faster while guaranteeing learner mastery, because Adaptive Learning focuses on the learner’s problem areas, not the topics they have already mastered. The adaptive engine maps learner cognition and memory to detect which learning items require refreshing in order to drive understanding, dramatically improving knowledge retention and guaranteeing learner mastery.

Multiple training programs from the same LMS are possible.

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