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Cognitive Science and Computer Science Solve 3 Corporate Training Problems

Posted by Area9 on Dec 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Adaptive Learning is an easy solution to many of your corporate training problems without any of the risk. Adaptive Learning uses cognitive science and computer science to solve 3 common corporate training problems.

3 Common Corporate Training Problems & How the Combination of Cognitive Science and Computer Science Solves Them

  1. When you spend too much time training: Sometimes it can feel like all you do is deliver corporate training, especially when you run a retail, hospitality, or transportation business, or when your industry experiences high turnover or seasonal hiring. Adaptive Learning releases you from the tedium of continuously training employees, because Adaptive Learning personalizes to the needs of every learner so that no matter what their education or experience level, each learner gets the level of training they need to feel like experts in your business.
  2. When your team is unproductive: Time is money. Corporate training is a necessity for any neuroscience and computer science 2.jpgbusiness. But it doesn’t seem like a necessity when your employees are in a corporate classroom and not making money for your business. Adaptive Learning is your answer to the problem of how to improve employee productivity, because Adaptive Learning  optimizes training time by up to 50% so your employees can get back out onto the floor and make money for your business.
  3. When you can’t seem to stop mistakes from happening: Mistakes are costly for a business. Not just in time spent correcting mistakes, or in the money it costs to fix them, but also in the fallout a mistake might have for your business. Mistakes happen, and no one is expected to be perfect, but if your business suffers from costly mistakes that are also preventable you know something needs to change. Adaptive Learning prevents mistakes from happening because it uncovers and corrects unconscious incompetence. Unconscious incompetence, or not knowing what you don’t know, can occur in up to 40% of an employee’s role. The Adaptive Learning software’s continuous assessment and powerful reporting capabilities uncovers areas where your employees think they know something when they really don’t, and teaches them the correct learning content so that they don’t make that mistake again.

Reduce the Risk to Your Corporate Training Platform

Adaptive Learning reduces risk and solves the problems that plague current corporate training. Learn more about how Adaptive Learning can reduce risk for your business; download this free ebook.

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