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Cracking the Learning-Retention Code: The Power of Interconnection

Posted by Ulrik Juul Christensen MD on Jul 11, 2023 2:26:04 AM
Ulrik Juul Christensen MD
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Cracking the Learning-Retention Code: The Power of Interconnection


Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO of Area9 Lyceum, shares his reflection about the importance of creating a learning culture and the value of investing in learning.

I am often asked "What if you educate your employees and they leave?", and I respond "What if you don't and they stay?" Don't encourage dependance! Here is why:


What changes performance? What problems do you really need to solve? If the past few years have taught us anything it’s that corporate learning and development (L&D) needs to focus on far more than merely how to teach about a product. Rather my question is, how can I secure that people can learn fast enough to adapt to a rapidly changing world. That overlaps with the needs of the individuals. You want to educate and create circumstances that leads to great learners. And then secondarily become valuable for the company.

In the future, organizations will have an even greater need to attract and retain people who can continuously upskill and reskill. This not only puts the onus on employers to make corporate L&D a strategic priority, but it also highlights the interconnection between learning and retention.

However, some leaders question the value of investing in learning due to high turnover. They wonder why they should invest in employees who might join competitors. The real concern is what happens if the company fails to educate its employees and they remain within the organization. 

A long-term approach to talent development, focusing on mastery-based performance, is key

There are no quick fixes to the challenges of corporate learning. While the value of learning has gained attention due to technological advancements and pandemic-related upheavals, impatience among employers and employees has also emerged. Continuous improvement occurs through developing learning cultures and enhancing capabilities over time.

Investing in effective corporate education is essential

The companies’ amount of money invested in dedicated learning is often very low. Companies need to be deliberate about learning, make it an agenda item with the goal to see a real impact.

The future of L&D lies in wise spending to effectively impart necessary knowledge and skills while ensuring practical application. Performance-based or mastery-based learning models offer a blueprint for success.

To attract and retain talent, companies must allocate sufficient time and resources to meaningful L&D. Shifting away from one-size-fits-all training approaches, the focus should be on precision learning that meets individual needs.

By prioritizing impactful learning, organizations can enhance retention, productivity, and overall performance for the benefit of both the company and its employees.

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