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Do Your Learners Have Learning Fatigue & Do You Have LMS Fatigue?

Posted by Area9 on Jun 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Many traditional corporate training tools are the unfortunate cause of learning fatigue — a combination of ineffective, one-size-fits-all e-learning, disengaged learners, and tight training deadlines. Do you recognize any of those symptoms in your training?

Here’s a common objection many companies have to allowing external experts to put together their training curriculum: “We need to produce training in house because we truly understand the uniqueness of our company and culture.”

But just because you understand your company best doesn’t mean you understand corporate learning best. Regardless of how well you understand your company, if your corporate learning approach is causing learning fatigue among your employees then it’s ineffective.

How to Avoid Learning Fatigue & Get Effective Training? Adaptive Learning


Adaptive Learning software facilitates a personalized learning environment that trains employees faster and guarantees learner mastery.

We understand that your company is unique and that you’ve created training modules that reflect that uniqueness. With Adaptive Learning you don’t have to throw out your existing learning management system (LMS).

Adaptive Learning software can integrate fully with your current LMS so your company can reap the benefits of personalized learning.

Your learning expectations and the training culture unique to your business are not sacrificed with Adaptive Learning.

PLUS: Adaptive Learning Software Has Something No Other LMS Has

Area9 data shows that employees are 15–40% unconsciously incompetent — they don’t know that they don’t know — in core competencies. Adaptive Learning software is the only one to uncover these knowledge gaps and misconceptions and correct them.

Adaptive Learning is a unique corporate training tool for your unique business.

Download this checklist to learn about other notable challenges Adaptive Learning overcomes.

Fix Any Training Pain Point

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