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How Adaptive Learning Benefits the Learner and Your Business

Posted by Area9 on Dec 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM

 If your corporate e-learning program doesn’t positively impact your business, then what’s the point? Adaptive Learning brings with it maximum business impact: it benefits the learner and your business making it more effective than traditional corporate learning programs.

How Adaptive Learning Benefits the Learner

Adaptive Learning benefits the learner in three key ways:

  • Engagement,
  • Time, and
  • Mastery.

Because of the question-based nature of the Adaptive Learning teaching method (known as formative assessment) learners feel more engaged with the learning content. Learners recognize that the platform adapts to them; the platform teaches them only the learning content they need to know so they aren’t wasting time on content they’ve already mastered.


When engaged learning happens - when learners are paying attention - they’re better able to take the learning content and apply it back into your business. This brings you to how Adaptive Learning benefits your business.

The Benefits of Adaptive Learning to Your Business

Adaptive Learning brings two major benefits to your business in the form of:

  • Productivity,
  • Mastery,
  • And data.

Because Adaptive Learning engages your staff in learning, your staff are better able to take what they’ve learned and put it back into your business in the form of productivity. Adaptive Learning also improves productivity because it optimizes training time, cutting training by up to 50%. Reducing the time spent training means more productive hours are put back in your business.

You are able to track your staff’s mastery of the learning content through the reporting feature of the Adaptive Learning software. Throughout the course, you can track progress, confidence with the learning content, and engagement, on an individual level or as a team.

And at any point in time, you can see what individual skills your team has acquired or are missing in your roster. Imagine the ability to create retail or hospitality teams whose skill sets strengthen and carry each other, like a hockey team.

Benefit Your Business With Adaptive Learning

These are but a few of the benefits that Adaptive Learning can bring to individual learners and your business as a whole. Discover 9 more benefits of Adaptive Learning and how Adaptive Learning fixes what is broken in corporate e-learning when you download this ebook.

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