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How Adaptive Learning Facilitates Blended Learning

Posted by Area9 on Feb 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

As corporate learning continues to evolve, so does the role of the corporate training instructor. Learners expect instructors to take on a different role than the one we’ve seen in traditional corporate training. This new role combined with Adaptive Learning creates the perfect environment for blended learning.

Learners no longer want to sit in a classroom and be lectured at; they’re not interested in a regurgitation of statistics and facts, or slide decks and smile sheets.

Learners want to take a more mindful approach to their corporate learning and they want their instructors to do so as well. Accessible and relatable learning content that allows the learner to see themselves in the story is what is on trend for 2018 and beyond. Adaptive Learning is key to facilitating this change.


Blended Learning Facilitates Engagement

In a blended learning classroom, learners and the business get the best of e-learning and class instruction. When you pair Adaptive Learning with classroom instruction, learners prepare for the in-class portion by reviewing learning content through the Adaptive Learning engine. Learners then enter the classroom prepared, negating the need for lecturing from the instructor.

What follows is a learning experience: the instructor can devote classroom time to discussion, coaching, and one-on-one work rather than reviewing lesson content with every single learner, regardless of their skill or experience level.

Learners experience personalized learning on two levels:

  1. In the adaptive course content, where the adaptive engine only shows learners what they need to know so no one has to review learning content they’ve already learned.
  2. And, in the classroom, where instructors can continue to personalize the learning experience; this includes using data from the adaptive platform.

This ensures learners feel more engaged with the learning content, and helps them master the learning content faster; they then retain and apply what they’ve learned back into the business.

CReate a Learning Experience

Adaptive Learning doesn’t have to be used in a blended classroom to be effective. Adaptive Learning can be used anytime, anywhere because of its mobile capabilities. Find out what else Adaptive Learning can do when you download this infographic.

Adaptive E-Learning infographic


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