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How Adaptive Learning Optimizes Healthcare Employee Training

Posted by Area9 on Aug 31, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The best healthcare employee training should do more than identify your employees’ strengths and target their weak areas. It should diagnose and treat unconscious incompetence — what healthcare employees don’t know they don’t know. 

Identifying and targeting unconscious incompetence among your employees is critical for optimizing your healthcare training because not knowing that there’s something they don’t know:

  • puts patients at risk for injury and even death
  • leads to mistakes that may be expensive to fix — if they are able to be fixed at all
  • exposes your company to liability

Adaptive Learning optimizes your healthcare training by eliminating unconscious incompetence before it has a chance to affect your employees’ performance. It does this through its formative assessment process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Adaptive Learning biological engine asks learners a series of questions to gauge what learners know, what they don’t know, and how confident they are in their knowledge and skills
  2. The Adaptive Learning biological model then provides a personalized curriculum for each employee based on the results of this formative assessment
  3. The personalized course targets each employee’s gaps in knowledge to bring them to learner mastery

Eliminating unconscious incompetence among your employees, and identifying it earlier in new hires during the onboarding process, will dramatically improve healthcare outcomes — and your company’s bottom line. Plus, your employees will enjoy new levels of confidence that will ultimately redound in improved patient care and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Healthcare Employee Training Re-envisioned by Healthcare Professionals

nullThe professionals at Area9 understand the training needs of the healthcare industry because our company was founded by physicians. Adaptive Learning:

  • trains employees up to 50% faster than other training approaches, so physicians, nurses, and other healthcare employees can get back to doing their jobs faster and better
  • uses personalized curriculum materials for each employee, based on the strengths and weak areas identified in formative assessment, just like a personal tutor
  • adjusts to the learner’s pace, so no employee is ever left behind

Adaptive Learning has already optimized training in the healthcare field for medical companies such as Coloplast and organizations such as the NEJM Group. Their exceptional employee training results testify to what Adaptive Learning can do for your company.

To learn more about how Adaptive Learning can improve your healthcare training, download this infographic. Adaptive E-Learning infographic

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