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How Adaptive Learning Reduces Training Costs for Retail Employees

Posted by Area9 on Dec 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

How Much Is Training For All Your Employees Costing You?

When done right, corporate learning has boundless benefits. But if done wrong (and corporate learning is often done wrong), it can cost your business its most important resources:

  • wasted time in the form of the continual and chronic training and re-training that high turnover industries experience, and
  • lost money in the form of poor performance and limited product knowledge when your employees don’t take what they’ve learned and apply it back to your business (maybe because they can’t, since they didn’t learn anything). 

Adaptive Learning is corporate learning done right; it reduces training costs for your retail business in time spent on training and for your budget in improved productivity and guaranteed learner mastery. Here’s how:

Time Doesn’t Have to Be A Training Cost

Adaptive-Learning-a-lot-more-work.jpgAdaptive Learning technology ensures that training employees won’t cost your business time because it makes corporate training more efficient. Adaptive Learning adjusts to the needs of individual learners it reduces training time by up to 50%, essential for retail staff whose time off the floor or away from their desks greatly impacts productivity and end-of-day earnings.

Adaptive Learning Saves Your Business Money

Adaptive Learning improves knowledge retention, guarantees mastery of the learning content, and - or not knowing what you don’t know. Your staff learns about your products, policies, and safety and compliance, the first time. Any misconceptions or misunderstandings they may have about the learning content are eradicated so employees don’t apply those mistakes to their interactions with your customers.

Though your employees spend less time training, they aren’t learning less, they’re learning the content they need to learn to master your organization’s course. You don’t have to hire expensive external trainers or spend more of your (often limited) training budget re-teaching thousands of employees content they should have already known. And you don’t have to worry about the budgetary investment onboarding new employees will take.   

Save On the Cost of Training with Adaptive Learning

Explore how Adaptive Learning returns productivity to your business with this free infographic, which explains how Adaptive Learning improves knowledge retention, tracks learner progress, and more.

Adaptive E-Learning infographic

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