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How to Combine E-Learning and Coaching in the Workplace

Posted by Area9 on Mar 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

If you want to become the next Serena Williams, you don’t take one tennis lesson and expect to win Wimbledon. You hire a coach to train you over a long period of time, nurture your skills, shore up your knowledge base, and set you up to learn newer, harder techniques. Then, you win Wimbledon. Coaching in the workplace functions the same way as coaching in sports.

Currently, corporate learning resembles that one tennis lesson more than it does a coaching relationship that allows your employees to lift a Wimbledon trophy above their heads. It’s a learning event, and when it’s over we expect employees to remember everything they’ve learned and apply it back to the business for maximum impact.

The Benefit of Coaching in the Workplace

One-time training events are the norm over coaching because coaching is - falsely - viewed as only being necessary when there is a problem; for instance, if you have one sales rep who can’t seem to make any sales. Coaching is also seen as a time-consuming activity (like training) that must be done on top of regular job requirements.

However, the truth is businesses that are effective at coaching are 33% better at engaging employees and 30% more likely to have strong business results.

E-learning and coaching are about as different training experiences as you can get. Can they - or even should they - coexist and complement each other?

In some cases, e-learning that utilizes artificial intelligence can act as a surrogate when the coach isn’t available. For example, Adaptive Learning provides personalized e-learning that adapts to the needs of individual learners - in effect it works like an online tutor or coach. The granular data collection and reporting function of Adaptive Learning allows coaches to track and compare team performance, and pinpoint instances of unconscious incompetence and knowledge gaps in their nullemployees. So even if a coach misses a teachable moment in training, they’re able to see how, where, and why an employee needs support and give it to them in real life situations.

Adaptive Learning is not a one-time-tennis-lesson learning event. Adaptive Learning is a learning experience, making it and employee coaching a perfect combination to benefit the learner, the coach, and the business. Check out how Adaptive Learning provides personalized e-learning at scale to:

  • Reduce learning time,
  • Uncover unconscious incompetence, and
  • Recharge your brain to convert learning into memory.

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