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How to Convince Sales Leaders that They Need Adaptive Learning

Posted by Area9 on Jun 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Traditional corporate sales training has three components that often leave sales reps dissatisfied:

  1. It takes too long.
  2. It’s boring.
  3. It doesn’t work.

But complaints about traditional training often aren’t enough to convince sales leaders to invest company resources differently. Executives need better solutions.

So here’s one: Adaptive Learning fixes all of the problems of traditional corporate sales training and is:

  • Up to 50% faster than traditional learning
  • Guarantees learner mastery (by focusing on understanding rather than completion)
  • Uncovers and eradicates knowledge gaps and misconceptions (so your new sales reps can’t form bad habits, and your experienced sales reps can’t pass them on)

Adaptive Learning also provides granular reporting. Sales leaders, CLOs, or CEOs see exactly how individual employees, teams, or the company performs, and can identify and improve problem areas.

What Does Adaptive Learning Mean to Sales Leaders?


Adaptive Learning means better business impact than traditional corporate sales training.

  1. 50% faster training means 50% more time sales reps can spend selling.
  2. Guaranteed mastery means sales reps don’t just memorize answers to get through the learning content faster. Instead, they actually understand what they’re learning so they can sell better.
  3. Uncovered knowledge gaps and misconceptions, known as unconscious incompetence, or not knowing that you don’t know, means sales reps make fewer mistakes, ensuring the company doesn’t lose out on big sales, waste money correcting avoidable problems, or need to deal with costly lawsuits. Sales reps will know how to sell more because they’ll better understand your products. Instead of only selling the products they know well enough, they will be better able to upsell and cross sell all your products.
  4. Sales leaders can use all of the data collected by Adaptive Learning to prove the business impact of sales training to the CEO and the rest of the organization.

Do You Want to Learn How Adaptive Learning Optimizes Corporate Sales Training?

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