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How to Effectively Train Internal Users and External Stakeholders in Healthcare

Posted by Area9 on Aug 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM


To train employees and external stakeholders in healthcare at the same time is no small feat.

Training two different user types

  • on the same product,
  • for different purposes,
  • for different objectives,
  • while speaking the same medical language,

is challenging because of the one-size-fits-none nature of traditional e-learning.

Until now.

Provide Personalized Learning At Scale to Train Internal USERS and EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS in Healthcare

Adaptive Learning is a corporate e-learning solution that specializes in reducing unconscious incompetence. For training solutions to be effective, they must first be able to take into account the weaknesses and strengths of each learner, and then focus on correcting those weaknesses. Adaptive Learning does this. This method reduces training time by up to 50% while still substantially improving learner mastery.

Adaptive Learning can train different user types with ease, because it enables full content reuse via an integrated Learning Content Management System. A similar curriculum can easily be tailored to two different individuals with different learning requirements (like a salesperson, and a physician).

Adaptive Learning can also scale to any company size, and it is easy to merge with an existing training program, so you won’t have to start from scratch in developing your new training program.

By ‘chunking’ the learning based on granular learning objectives and leveraging object reuse, you can ensure that your employees and end users receive exactly the training they need without needing to build entirely different courses.

The Coloplast Effect: Adaptive Learning at Work

heathcare 2Coloplast, a leading maker of intimate healthcare products, needed both internal and end user corporate training — and they put their faith in Adaptive Learning. This case study says it all: Adaptive Learning allowed Coloplast to train hundreds of sales reps from different countries in highly technical knowledge.

Adaptive Learning is perfect for targeting multiple audiences while scaling personalized learning for large and small companies alike.

Want the “Coloplast Effect” for Your Own Company? Click Here to Find Out How Your Company Can Enjoy Similar Training Success.

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