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How to Improve Continuing Education for Pilots

Posted by Area9 on Jul 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Safety in the sky depends on your pilots updating their skills and refreshing their training periodically. 

The best way to update your pilots’ skills is through a program that offers:

  • blended learning options — that is, a combination of face-to-face and online instruction — to optimize training impact
  • a personalized approach that works with each learner’s unique matrix of strengths and weaknesses
  • faster training times without sacrificing quality results, so pilots don’t have to be away from the cockpit more often than necessary
  • strategic opportunities for refreshing and optimizing learning over time

Much of today’s continuing education for pilots is done in costly face-to-face training or through newsletters or bulletins that go unread over time, resulting in missed information and opportunities for improvement. And all pilots interact with the same training, despite their different learning needs.

Adaptive Learning offers a more viable option for continuing pilot education that works with your existing learning management system.

Adaptive Learning can make training more:

  • personalized
  • accessible
  • effective

Continuing Education for Pilots: Get the Most Out of Training Time

Area9’s “biological” adaptive engine provides immediate, personalized feedback to learners by Continuing Education for Pilotsevaluating their strengths, weaknesses and confidence in key areas through ongoing formative assessment.

This personalized approach enhances the impact of training by

  • targeting learners’ specific gaps in knowledge, and
  • providing real-time assessment on learners’ progress

Continuing pilot training that takes place in a blended environment (whether blended through face-to-face or simulation) that includes Adaptive Learning will maximize the potential for strategic learning because learners know:

  • where they stand, and
  • how far they still need to go

And Adaptive Learning’s personalized learning program will get them there.

Recharge Pilot Learning

Another way that you can improve the experience of continuous pilot education is to provide opportunities to refresh learning.

A refresh option, such as Adaptive Learning’s Recharge function, strategically uses targeted, repeated exposure of learning materials in different ways to ensure that learners have a meaningful and deep understanding of the content.

Theoretically, every pilot involved in a continuing education program may be exposed to different materials in different ways using the Recharge function. It all depends on what the specific learner’s needs are.

A training program that delivers:

  • personalized instruction in a blended learning environment, and
  • strategically identifies key areas for refreshment — and enacts strategies to get the job done

will be more effective for continuing pilot training than traditional face-to-face models, or even blended ones that do not have the capacity for personalization.

Such training will also be less expensive in the long run as it can be done in-house, with fewer trips necessary for face-to-face components. And it will optimize your company’s business impact.

Learn more about how Adaptive Learning can help with ongoing pilot training with this e-book:

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