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How to Improve Patient Outcomes

Posted by Area9 on Aug 17, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Healthcare professionals all have the same goals: do what’s best for the patient and optimize patient care. But globally, iatrogenesis — the unintended adverse effects of medical intervention on patients — is a problem. So how do healthcare professionals produce better outcomes — and reduce iatrogenic effects — across the board? 

With better skills and knowledge from better training. 

Healthcare services are plagued with similar challenges. There is:

  • a shortage of qualified physicians
  • inconsistent quality of training for physicians

But while these problems have the potential for dire consequences, they are not insurmountable. Adaptive Learning is a viable solution.

Adaptive Learning Improves Patient Outcomes With Better Training

Adaptive Learning can improve your training to allow your physicians and other healthcare professionals to achieve mastery in their professional areas by:

  1. providing a personalized learning experience that adjusts to meet the needs of each learner, so that no learner is ever left behind
  2. uncovering unconscious incompetence — those critical areas that healthcare employees don’t know they don’t know — which leads to misdiagnoses and other medical errors and, ultimately, negatively affects patient outcomes
  3. recharging knowledge by exposing learners to key curriculum materials multiple times and in different ways to ensure deep understanding and retention

By using a personalized curriculum, by targeting gaps in knowledge, and by recharging learning, you will see an improvement in training quality (every learner will reach learner mastery) and training time (Adaptive Learning trains up to 50% faster than traditional training approaches). Your physicians and other healthcare professionals will be better equipped to perform their duties.

Adaptive Learning User Data Optimizes Training Impact

nullAdaptive Learning also facilitates in-depth data collection, so learners can see their results in real time and pinpoint those areas in which they need to improve.

And healthcare management personnel can also manage employees’ healthcare training to maximize results. Adaptive Learning’s data collection apparatus allows healthcare administrators to:

  • identify each individual’s specific areas of weakness and target areas for improvement
  • target skills and knowledge gaps on a macro level to improve patient outcomes across departments
  • benchmark employee performance in training for transparency and to improve overall training impact

Healthcare training that targets each employee’s gaps in knowledge and brings them to learner mastery in half the time will improve the quality of healthcare at your institution. And with better trained employees and better patient outcomes across the board, your healthcare facility will optimize its impact.

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