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How To Optimize Employee Training Time. The Adaptive Learning Model

Posted by Area9 on Nov 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

A major problem with traditional corporate training programs is the time it takes to deliver them. Corporate training often burdens your staff - your company’s most valuable asset - with death-by-PowerPoint presentations or boring page-turn e-learning. And, after it becomes clear your staff have not understood or applied what they were supposed to learn, your company must spend more money and time on costly re-training.

You can reduce the amount of time employees spend on training by up to 50% when you use an Adaptive Learning model.

Here’s How the Adaptive Learning Model Reduces Training Time

In a traditional corporate learning platform, learners have to sit through a presentation or click through an online lecture and have no choice but to review content they already have a firm understanding of. Not only does this waste the learner’s time, it causes the learner to become disengaged from the course. It even creates the risk that once they come across content they don’t know, they won’t be paying enough attention to learn it.

An Adaptive Learning model is an algorithm-based teaching system that adapts to the needs of every learner in real-time. The element of personalization allows the model to present the learner only with learning content they need to know. Area9 data shows that Adaptive Learning can cut training time by up to 50%; that means learners spend half the time they usually do on corporate learning, yet end up with better learning outcomes.

And Here’s Why You Need Adaptive Learning As One Of Your Corporate Training Tools


When your employees spend (up to 50%) less time in training they are spending (up to 50%) more time taking the content they have learned and applying it to your business.

With Area9’s Adaptive Learning platform, employees are more engaged. This means that they are less likely to have to be re-trained or to take the course again, saving your company both time and money. 




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