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How to Optimize Healthcare Training

Posted by Area9 on Aug 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Every workday in healthcare is unpredictable. There never seems to be enough time in the day and every moment needs to be used as efficiently as possible. With days already filled to bursting, it seems like there’s no time for training. 

When your first priority is your patients, when can you schedule time for yourself? You might not mind dragging that enormous medical textbook around with you and parsing through it during spare moments, but wouldn’t it be helpful if training could be easier?

What is needed is a personalized learning solution and a much more effective training program. E-learning options are more convenient than traditional classroom training, but does that convenience come at the price of failing to meet medical standards of quality?

Adaptive Learning is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Optimize Healthcare Training

Adaptive Learning can optimize healthcare training by bringing learners to mastery up to 50% faster than other training methods. The Adaptive Learning biological model uses formative assessment (teaching by asking questions) to detect a learner’s knowledge level; it uncovers what the learner thinks they know but really doesn’t, and then personalizes the course specific to each learner to target and close those knowledge gaps. This is how Adaptive Learning is able to save time in training.

nullIn February 2013, the NEJM Group, publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine, partnered with Area 9 to create NEJM Knowledge+ to bring a personalized, Adaptive Learning training system to physicians. This training solution facilitates members’ lifelong medical learning, preparing them for Board certifications, including helping them pass the ABIM initial certification exam.

This is what Chris Lynch, Vice President for Publishing of the NEJM Group had to say about NEJM Group’s experience partnering with Area9 on Adaptive Learning:

“We set out to create a truly innovative product that would be relevant and convenient to physicians. Area9, a physician-led company that is an innovator in interactive educational software, asked us to consider them as a partner, not a vendor. We did, and that partnership has been extremely successful.”

Most e-learning training options boast ease of use over traditional classroom methods but can’t necessarily guarantee the quality of their teaching results. Adaptive Learning not only trains faster than other methods, but also increases learner mastery, by reducing unconscious incompetence and improving learner retention, making it an extremely effective training program.

By treating every learner as the unique individual they are, Adaptive Learning avoids the one-size-fits-none approach of so many other training approaches, and creates the same kind of one-on-one tutoring — hitherto available only between one teacher and one pupil — on a scale for large and small companies alike.

To know more about how Adaptive Learning can optimize healthcare training, download this infographic.

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