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How to Reach More Medical End Users

Posted by Area9 on Aug 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Should pharmaceutical companies care about external training, i.e., training physician end users to use their products effectively and safely while optimizing patient care? The answer is obvious: of course they should. Effective external training means better use of your products and more optimal patient care — and better business outcomes for your company. 

You already know that Adaptive Learning solves internal training challenges: training results from companies like Coloplast and Abbvie show that Adaptive Learning is more effective than traditional training programs. But did you know that Adaptive Learning can also maximize the training potential for your medical end users — and you don’t need a separate learning management system (LMS) to do this?

Collaborative Training for Medical End Users

Your internal employees need training on product information, including dosage and effects, among other topics, for the purpose of sales and marketing. Your medical end users also need to be trained on these same products but from a procedural and applicative perspective — their training needs to be angled differently so that the focus is on optimizing patient outcomes rather than on product movement. 

Adaptive Learning can provide personalized training at scale, so learners get the right content for their needs — and you don’t need two separate training programs to do this.

By providing personalized content for your internal and external users, Adaptive Learning:null

  • Targets weak areas to bring learners to content mastery
  • Uncovers and eliminates unconscious incompetence, so medical end users use your products safely and responsibly
  • Trains up to 50% faster than traditional training programs

Plus, because you will be able to access both internal and external user data you will be able to:

  • Identify topics that both internal and external learners find challenging. This will allow you to shore up course content to address these training deficiencies and target gaps in knowledge
  • Track internal and external learner progress
  • Streamline your training to optimize sales impact (internal training) and patient outcomes (external training)

Adaptive Learning can meet all your internal and external training needs. And by bringing the two groups of learners together, you can better manage both internal and external aspects of training to optimize the use of your company’s products, as well as your company’s sales.

Learn more about what Adaptive Learning can do for your healthcare training needs with this e-book:

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