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How You Know You Need an Adaptive Learning Model to Train Online

Posted by Area9 on Jan 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Millennials, technology, and the economy are having a profound impact on retail, service, and hospitality industries. As industries change, your business needs to change with them or risk being left behind.


You’ve probably done ample research and found plenty of e-learning solutions, like micro-learning or gamification, and maybe you’ve decided to stick with what you know.

But if your business must contend with training thousands of employees (with minimal training staff) in an in-transition industry, online, we want to make the case for why you need the Adaptive Learning model.

Reason #1: The Adaptive Learning Model Saves Time


One of the biggest challenges of training thousands of new employees, or keeping your experienced employees up to speed, is the time it takes to do so.

The Adaptive Learning model optimizes training time so you spend up to 50% less time training your employees.

Here’s another fact: Adaptive Learning cuts down on training time without cutting down on learning content. That’s because Adaptive Learning personalizes to every learner (yes, even if there are thousands of them) and trains employees only on the elements they need to know so employees don’t waste time learning what they already know.

Reason #2: Adaptive Learning Helps You Invest in Your Employees…

...And in your company’s future. Adaptive Learning onboards new employees so that they’re proficient and productive faster. But if you also want to offer your current employees training that can assist in career development, Adaptive Learning can do that, too. The Adaptive Learning model shuns the one-size-fits-none training that corporate training is used to; Adaptive Learning’s personalized learning allows for different types of training at varying levels of expertise. Plus, when you’re able to offer motivated employees in-house career development, you’re creating a loyal and educated workforce that’s ready to take what they’ve learned and apply it back to your business.

Reason #3: Adaptive Learning Changes With Your Business

As your industry changes, your business changes, and so does your training. But with Adaptive Learning you won’t need to look for a new training delivery method in a few years. Adaptive Learning software changes as your learning content changes.

The software tracks learner progress through an individual, team, and company-wide lens. As feedback on the learning content is received, instructional designers can adapt the software to the new information. And because the level of personalization is so high, learners don’t have to go through an entire training course again to learn the new content. The software already knows what your employees know or don’t know and presents them with the information, accordingly.

3 More Reasons You Need Adaptive Learning

Those were just the top 3 reasons Adaptive Learning works for large-scale, in flux, industries. We haven’t even mentioned yet that:

  • investing in Adaptive Learning long term means saving your business money compared to the training model you’re currently using,
  • better training improves productivity which improves business outcomes, and
  • Adaptive Learning is already working for other organizations around the world, like Hitachi Data Systems, Shinola, and Coloplast.

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