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How Your E-Learning Resources Can Keep Up With the Digital Skills Gap

Posted by Area9 on Jan 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM

As technology develops faster than ever, the digital skills shelf life gets shorter. Before your employees have mastered a new technology the next generation is already available with new features and skills to learn.

Skills maintenance puts a strain on corporate e-learning, demanding that learning leaders and instructional designers provide the right e-learning resources at the learner’s “point of need,” to keep up with the constant change.

How to Provide E-Learning Resources at the Learner’s “Point of Need”


While technology is the cause of the digital skills gap it is also the solution. Adaptive technology, rather than traditional e-learning or classroom training, is the only resource that can teach employees new skills, products, features, or procedures, at scale and at the speed with which they are released. The technology you need to close the digital skills gap is Adaptive Learning. Here’s why:

Adaptive Learning Technology Is Personalized

Adaptive Learning technology is personalized to every learner. When employees need to learn new information to keep up to date on products, adaptive technology intuitively knows what each learner needs to know. Employees close their digital skills gap faster because they only see the course material they need to see to be up-to-date.

Adaptive Software Development Allows You to Train at Individual Points of Need

As newer versions of the products you sell roll out, each of your employees must learn new skills and features at different points of need. Adaptive Learning software’s reporting function provides insights into individual learner behaviors so you always know where individual employees points of need are, as well as where teams and the company as a whole stand within the digital skills gap. Personalized learning plus detailed reporting gives your organization the ability to close the digital skills gap and train each learner at their “point of need.”

Mind the Gap

The digital skills gap is increasing but Adaptive Learning can keep your organization from falling in. To get a better sense of how Adaptive Learning can help your business close the gap, download this checklist.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist


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