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In the Social Media Age, You Need Better Flight Attendant Training

Posted by Area9 on Jul 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

In the age of social media, when companies can be held accountable at the click of a button, employees’ relationship with the public needs to be courteous and professional at all times.

Everyone now has a camera, and a decision made by a rushed employee can reflect on a whole company when it is the subject of a viral social media post. As such, flight attendant training is more critical than ever.

Adaptive Learning Targets Flight Attendant Training Before It Becomes a Problem


Only engaging learning can actually change employee behavior, and Adaptive Learning is the key to engaged learning.

Without adaptive learning, we forget most of what we are taught. Retaining only 50% of a compassion seminar after an hour, and 30% after one day, doesn’t create much impact. Adaptive Learning solves this by recharging learner knowledge by smartly detecting what a learner’s problem areas are, and by correcting the learner’s misconceptions while improving learner mastery and confidence.

Adaptive Learning Has the Power to Make Flight Attendant Training a Transformative Experience

By teaching soft skills using methods that can adjust to any learner’s knowledge or skill set, as well as scaling to any staff size, Adaptive Learning is the perfect choice for any airline looking to improve its staff training program. And do it before a PR nightmare occurs, not after.

To Learn More About Adaptive Learning and the Ways You Can Transform the E-Learning Experience to Avoid PR Catastrophes.

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