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Is It Easy to Get Started With the Adaptive Learning Platform?

Posted by Area9 on Nov 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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The short answer is: yes. The Adaptive Learning platform benefits your learners and has an impact on your business, because with Adaptive Learning software:

  • Learners reach proficiency faster,
  • Learners become more productive employees for your business, and
  • Your corporate training becomes more effective with more measurable outcomes.

How hard is it to take your existing e-learning courses and put them in our adaptive engine? You can get started in three steps.

Traditional Learning to Adaptive Learning in 3 Steps

To “adapt-ify” your course you keep your existing content and learning objectives, and then:

  1. Tune Learning Objectives. If you already have a traditional e-learning course in place you already have learning objectives (LOs). Break those LOs down, and “chunk” your content. Typically one traditional LO can be broken into 6-10 more detailed LOs that map to specific content items. That way those who know more of the content can move more quickly through the course without missing key LOs, and those who need to spend more time with the content have the opportunity.

  2. Add Formative Questions. The Adaptive Learning platform uses formative assessment, orAdaptive Learning Platform 2.jpg teaching by asking questions, to both teach and assess the learner. Reuse any existing quizzes you have, but you will need to do a bit of extra work here. When a learner is struggling to answer probes (which is what we call questions), the adaptive engine senses their hesitation and provides an immediate remedy in the form of learning resources. Your learning resources (text, image, video, PDFs, simulations, etc.) are synced to your course’s learning objectives, so learners are only shown the resource they need to understand the content and don’t have to sift through layers of learning resources to find what they need.

  3. Start Your Adaptive Learning Engines. All you need is an internet connection to introduce your learners to the Adaptive Learning platform. Your course can be published on your existing learning management system (LMS) via an HTML link or through a mobile app.

Traditional e-learning costs your business time, money, and productivity. Adaptive Learning optimizes training time so that employees don’t waste time out of the office. It finds and corrects knowledge blind spots, saving your company (potentially) thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. Finally, it guarantees your employees will truly learn (and use what they’ve learned to improve your business), making it a necessary tool in any corporate learning tool box.

Is the Adaptive Learning Platform Right for You?

Before you can integrate Adaptive Learning into your corporate learning platform you need to decide if Adaptive Learning is right for your business. You can do that with this free and easy checklist.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist


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