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Manage Aviation Training Data Better than AQP

Posted by Area9 on Jul 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Aviation industry training depends on data collection to demonstrate that training happened and that it was successful. While AQP does collect data on participants, it typically relies on a pass/fail metric that does not differentiate between a trainee who demonstrates mastery and one who barely passes.

Our adaptive platform produces data as learners interact with each course. Unlike traditional pass/fail information, our adaptive engine will give you:

Adaptive Learning Provides the Precise Data Needed to Facilitate and Prove Mastery

With a variety of reporting types to choose from — such as percentage-based scores and a collation of missed questions, among others — you can observe learners’ progress at a glance from your Adaptive Learning dashboard, or share this information quickly and securely with other stakeholders and members of your organization.

One of your employees scored low on a particular topic? Another demonstrated a lack of confidence in another area? No problem. The adaptive engine will adjust the course in real-time to target each employee’s gaps in knowledge with the explicit objective of bringing all learners to mastery.

Better Data Leads to Better Results

A training program that operates on a pass/fail metric cannot offer this kind of specificity for targeted training. 


Adaptive Learning’s personalized approach will uncover uncover learners’ areas of strength and weakness, as well as areas of unconscious incompetence — those areas of training learners do not know that they do not know — in order to target them and achieve mastery.


Strong, reliable, personalized data will help you:

  • Demonstrate when training was successful
  • Identify learning gaps that may need to be addressed on an individual, team or company-wide basis
  • Facilitate learner mastery by identifying individuals’ weaker areas and targeting them
  • Cut training time by up to 50%

And you don’t need to change your learning management system to benefit from Adaptive Learning’s enhanced metrics. Adaptive Learning integrates seamlessly with your existing system to enhance your training outcome.

Want better aviation industry training? Download this e-book to learn how:

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