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Provide Corporate Sales Training That Closes the Knowledge Gap

Posted by Area9 on May 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM

What’s better for sales than understanding the key differentiators of your product? What’s worse than not knowing? In a recent survey, less than one-third of buyers felt that their vendors were well informed. Is it acceptable that two out of three conversations with vendors are considered useless by the prospective purchaser.

It’s not hard to believe. In our daily lives we constantly come in contact with employees who don’t seem to understand what it is they’re selling. How do you feel when this happens? Sometimes, you’re less inclined to buy, just because the employee has not reassured you that your purchase is worthwhile.

Simply improving on this statistic would drastically improve trust in salespeople and therefore sales. But how do you achieve better vendor knowledge? It all comes down to the way people are trained.

Corporate sales training needs a redo. 

Adaptive Learning Bridges Knowledge Gaps With Ease

nullTime spent in training is time not selling; this might as well be a corporate sales commandment. But is training time really a bad thing for any ambitious sales team? How could more knowledge hurt anyone? Well, most corporate sales associates are used to ineffective, time-consuming corporate sales training that repeats the same material they all know. But Adaptive Learning is different.

Adaptive Learning focuses on knowledge the learner doesn’t have, which it can easily derive from a series of questions which gauge learner confidence. The platform avoids re-teaching skills the sales rep already has, and focuses on their weak points. This ensures that training takes 50% less time than traditional corporate e-learning, but guarantees greater learner mastery, which means greater buyer respect.

The Benefits of Better Corporate Sales Training

Another problem that is caused by poor training is unconscious incompetence, or not knowing that you don’t know. Adaptive Learning is excellent at dealing with unconscious incompetence, because it takes learner confidence into account. With Adaptive Learning, you don’t just answer a question, you also answer how confident you are in your answer. This raises self-awareness and helps detect what your sales teams think they know, but really don’t.

Another benefit of Adaptive Learning is its scalability and ability to integrate with existing training. You don’t have to completely rewrite your training program to switch to Adaptive Learning. The new platform will integrate seamlessly with your existing one, so you don’t have to rip-and-replace. As for scalability, it doesn’t matter if you want to train small sales teams or an entire company, Adaptive Learning can scale to whatever size workforce.

So why continue with training that lets down your sales associates in their interactions with consumers? Give them the support they deserve by giving them the kind of training where no learner gets left behind.

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