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Save Time & Improve the Quality of Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

Posted by Area9 on Jul 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM

While more concerned with cognitive and interpersonal skills than technical knowledge, Crew Resource Management (CRM) training aims to help flight crews respond appropriately to the situations they find themselves in. With an emphasis on teamwork, problem solving, and communication, it may seem counter intuitive to train these types of “soft skills” through an e-learning platform, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Adaptive Learning Delivers Higher Quality Crew Resource Management Training Faster than Other Methods

Because each pilot has diverse experiences, skills, and backgrounds, it doesn’t make sense to train each pilot the exact same way. Adaptive Learning adjusts to accommodate each learner’s individual strengths and weaknesses. No other training model can provide this kind of personalized learning at scale to fit the needs of a large company.

Traditional e-learning asks learners to study material, then quizzes learners on that material. It’s more of a test of short-term memory than it is of actual knowledge — something that can leave capable employees behind and might even suggest that unconsciously incompetent employees, who happen to be good at cramming for a test, are more knowledgeable than their peers.

Adaptive Learning Allows Learners to Be More Confident in Their Learning

Confidence is important in CRM training. Pilots need to be confident that they and their crew know what to do in difficult situations.

The only training approach that can give them that confidence — and in a shorter time frame — is engaged learning. Adaptive Learning.

Part of what leads employees to lose confidence in their decisions is the way knowledge deteriorates over time. Adaptive Learning counters the deteriorative nature of memory with its 

recharge function. In order to increase retention, the brain requires multiple exposures to stimuli, so Adaptive Learning identifies topics each learner struggles with, then exposes them to the information they lack until a better understanding of the correct material is formed. This removes blind spots in critical pilot knowledge and promotes engaged career-long learning.

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