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The Area9 Blog 2017: A Home for E-Learning Resources

Posted by Area9 on Feb 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM

2017 was a great year for exploring the advantages of Adaptive Learning, and we hope this blog has been helpful, informative, and a good guide to e-learning resources. This post is a quick celebration of the top five blog posts most enjoyed by CLOs this past year in the Area9 blog.

Number 5: October 18th — Why Corporate E-Learning Is 175 Years Old & Needs an Upgrade

This post describes the fundamental differences between summative assessment and formative assessment. It also shows the ways in which summative assessment hasn’t changed much in the last 175 years. What other aspects of corporate life haven’t changed in 175 years? Not many. It’s not like we all still ride penny-farthings to work anymore. Needless to say, it’s time to change our approach to corporate learning.

Number 4: October 16th — What Is Adaptive Learning? The Fix for E-Learning Engagement

This post is the definitive explanation for people new to the concept of Adaptive Learning. What is Adaptive Learning? The foundation upon which this entire blog is based.

Number 3: December 6th — Why Gamification in Business Is an Ineffective Corporate Learning Tool

As employers try to find an effective alternative to summative assessment, all kinds of trends and strategies are bound to spring up. One, called Gamification, takes inspiration from the rise of video games and mobile gaming. But this post explains why Gamification (though it might sound fun) is not as effective as a more thorough approach to corporate learning, like Adaptive Learning.

Number 2: November 17th — Adaptive Learning Is the Tool You Need to Reinvent Corporate Training

This short-and-sweet post from November gets to the heart of what makes Adaptive Learning so great: Adaptive Learning measures the confidence in the answers each learner gives, giving the learner a depth of unique data that no other method of corporate learning can quite match.


Of course, there are so many nuances to Adaptive Learning and to what gives Adaptive Learning its edge over more traditional platforms. But this article boils down all the advantages of Adaptive Learning into its most concentrated strength: learner confidence.

Number 1: November 15th — Adaptive Learning: The Intersection Of Computer Science & Cognitive Science

This post focuses on the reason a company needs Adaptive Learning in the first place. Simply put, other forms of e-learning take employees away from the job for too long, and when the training is complete, the employees don’t retain enough of the training to make it worth such precious hours away from the job.

Adaptive Learning makes certain that employees are spending less time in training away from the job, but still learning more.

That’s it! Our best blog posts of 2017! For more posts like these on all kinds of e-learning resources, check back to our blog regularly to learn more about Adaptive Learning.

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