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The Benefits of Mobile Adaptive Learning for the Retail Sector

Posted by Area9 on Jan 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Social media makes it so everyone is on their phones all the time. But what if instead of following Twitter you could use your mobile device for something productive? With mobile Adaptive Learning, you can.

Adaptive Learning is the future of corporate e-learning because it optimizes training time by up to 50% while guaranteeing learner mastery. The Adaptive Learning software enables reporting on learner performance, confidence, and engagement so your business can better understand just how effective Adaptive Learning is. And, Adaptive Learning is well-suited to use on a mobile device.

When your Adaptive Learning goes mobile you only need an internet connection to download a new course or sync your results, so mobile learners aren’t tethered to the nearest Wi-Fi.

Why Retail Needs Mobile Adaptive Learning

  1. Because you don’t have time for training: retail and many other business sectors can’t spare the time to give employees the training they need; time off the job means time not engaging customers and moving product. The paradox of a high turnover industry like retail is that your revolving door of new hires always need training. When this happens, mobile Adaptive Learning allows learners to access learning content when they’re off the floor: on the couch at home, in line for coffee, wherever they have an extra five minutes to devote to their learning goals.

  2. Because your employees will expect technology in the workplace: as more and more young people (in 2016, Millennials and teens over the age of 16 made up almost half of all retail employees in the US) enter the workplace they bring with them certain expectations about what it might look like and how they might learn there. In other words, they expect technology to play a role in their work and learning life. Mobile Adaptive Learning helps your business meet those expectations to improve the retention of your new hires.


Improved knowledge retention and noticeable investment in the employee on the part of the business - in the form of training and technology - improves job satisfaction, helping to close the gap on the revolving door of employee turnover in retail. Training from a voluminous HR binder or dull orientation package is already obsolete. So why expect tech-savvy young people to derive value from it?

Mobile Is Just the Beginning

Mobile capability is one of the many benefits of Adaptive Learning; it’s one of the ways that Adaptive Learning is fixing what’s wrong with corporate e-learning and retail training. Find out how Adaptive Learning provides the fix with this ebook that shows you how:

  • Adaptive Learning is unique to every learner
  • Adaptive Learning teaches faster than traditional methods
  • Adaptive Learning improves course design.

Corporate E-learning Ebook


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