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The Best Thing Adaptive Learning Can Do for Corporate Sales Training

Posted by Area9 on Apr 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM

For corporate sales training to provide maximum business impact in the form of a productive sales team and increased revenue through sales numbers, the training must meet three key criteria.

  1. Provide professional skill development - as any corporate learning should.

    But, specific to corporate sales, training must also:

  2. Provide faster training so sales reps can spend more time selling.
  3. Provide access to learning, anywhere, because sales reps need to learn on the go.

Only one training delivery method can do all three: Adaptive Learning.

Here’s What Adaptive Learning Can Do for Your Corporate Sales Training

  1. Faster Training: Adaptive Learning adjusts to the skill, knowledge, and experience level of individual learners so that learners never have to sit through learning content they already know. Individuals are only shown learning content the data proves they have yet to master. This high level of personalized learning ensures that sales reps optimize their learning experience - and get back up to 50% of their time normally lost in traditional training methods - so they can use these new skills right away doing what they’re good at: selling.
  2. Mobile Learning: Corporate sales reps are often on the road, managing sales territories by meeting with clients and prospects. Calling sales reps in for more corporate sales training puts them at a disadvantage because it takes them away from selling and connecting. It also requires them to transport themselves to a new location rather than get to another meeting, or home to their families to recover before the next burst. Adaptive Learning can be accessed from any mobile device; an internet connection is only needed to download new training courses or sync results. While Adaptive Learning works well with a blended learning environment, it’s 100% effective on its own in uncovering unconscious incompetence in sales reps and filling gaps in their knowledge of on-the-job skills. Mobile Adaptive Learning provides sales reps with the ability to learn on the road, wherever they are in the skills - or sales - process.
  3. Sales Coaching: Sales coaching offers a level of personalization that traditional corporate nulllearning cannot provide. Adaptive Learning can replace an in-person coach because it offers a similar level of personalization that a sales pro gets from their sales coach. The Adaptive Learning management system gets to know individual learners and adjusts to their needs ireal-time.

If your sales team has already invested in external sales team coaching, Adaptive Learning is an asset to prove the efficacy of the program by assisting coaches with granular reporting on each individual’s results. The data collected by a learner’s self-assessment and feedback can be used by coaches, managers, and learning leaders to identify problem areas and knowledge gaps. And by the way, Area9 is used to working with German Workers Council - so businesses looking to expand into German markets can rest assured that individual privacy of that data can be properly protected.

And when a coach misses a coachable moment - even coaches are human after all - Adaptive Learning has the omniscient view that picks up the slack. Adaptive Learning will identify and eradicate those areas of weakness; all the coach has to do is review the performance afterward.

Download this E-book to get an in-depth look at how Adaptive Learning provides training faster, while increasing business impact.

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