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The Impact Adaptive Learning Has on E-Learning for Business Impact

Posted by Area9 on Feb 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM

 We know Adaptive Learning has a positive business impact because it:

  • Ensures trainee mastery of learning content
  • Improves employee productivity, and
  • Collects valuable data about your employees’ learning stats

But there are more subtle ways Adaptive Learning systems have impact beyond benefiting your business. E-Learning for business impact emphasizes employee personal and professional development as well. Here’s how:

E-Learning for Business Impact That Goes Beyond the Bottom Line

Employees aren’t only interested in monetary incentive. When seeking employment, employees are looking for an investment in their professional and personal development. They look for organizations that offer accessible training that helps the employee improve; and not just because training increases their value to the business, but because of their intrinsic value as a contributing member of a community. Adaptive Learning can help make this happen.

How Does Adaptive Learning Emphasize Personal and Professional Development?


Adaptive Learning presents an opportunity for learning leaders to play an active role in the recruitment and retention of employees. This is because Adaptive Learning software never presents learning as a one-time event.

Learning done adaptively is an experience that seeks to improve knowledge retention over time. Targeting learners with repeated exposure to critical material before they forget it, uncovering and correcting unconscious incompetence, and valuing learner time and feedback are some of the ways Adaptive Learning provides the quality training and investment employees seek.

Leveraging training as an employee incentive drives motivation and passion. Employees who see their employers investing in their continued learning feel valued, and they return that feeling with loyalty.

And we all know that employees who are more successful in their current companies tend to stay with those companies longer, which has, of course, a positive impact on your business.

Invest in Your Employees’ Personal and Professional Development

Adaptive Learning provides 360 degrees of benefits. Find out what the rest are with the ebook, where you’ll learn about how Adaptive Learning reduces training time, collects valuable learner data, uncovers unconscious incompetence, and more.

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