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The Importance of Proficiency and Mastery for Medical Training

Posted by Area9 on Aug 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Imagine this hypothetical situation: if you had to choose between two heart surgeons, both of whom had passed their Board exams, but one had achieved the minimum passing score and the other had scored 99%, which one would you choose? 

Skills proficiency and learning mastery are critical in medical training. Though no one’s perfect, training can always be improved and human errors reduced. So how do you guarantee proficiency while balancing the busy schedule of all medical staff?

Adaptive Learning is the “Total Learner Mastery” Choice for Medical Training

In real life, we don’t get to see a physician’s certification scores, but with physicians trained by Adaptive Learning, you can be sure that they achieved mastery over the learning content. That’s because Adaptive Learning doesn’t utilize a pass-or-fail metric like so many other learning experiences.

Passing or failing a course doesn’t necessarily represent knowledge gained; it represents nullcramming, studying skills, or good guesswork. If you truly want to boost effectiveness in the workforce and change behaviour, you need training that doesn’t just hand out number grades: you need training impact that actually improves learning mastery.

Adaptive Learning guarantees learner mastery by only focusing on the topics that a learner doesn’t understand, not the ones in which they are already an expert. To go back to the example of two surgeons, if we assume that both surgeons struggled with 10% of the training, it is likely that they struggled with different areas based on their previous training and different experiences. 

Everyone is unique, and so are the way they make mistakes.

Therefore, teaching those two physicians the same things to correct for their unique problem areas doesn’t make sense. That’s why Adaptive Learning specifically targets each learner’s unique incompetencies.

The best part about Adaptive Learning’s personalized learning experiences is that the same technique that allows Adaptive Learning to improve learner mastery is also what allows Adaptive Learning to save on training time.

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