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The Importance of Time in Managing a Sales Territory

Posted by Area9 on May 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

There are so many factors that sales reps can’t control, like client budget constraints or a slow growth economy. That’s why, when managing a sales territory, it’s important sales reps are able to use their time - the one factor they can control - wisely.

A primary time waster for sales teams is non-sales activities during selling hours. Training, unfortunately, is often identified as one of those activities: unengaging, one-size-fits-none e-learning is viewed as a mandatory, mindless task.

Because of a sales teams’ busy schedule, sales training might be avoided altogether, or completed but with little attention paid - another waste of time - causing sales reps to miss something important.

The One Thing All Training Must Have to Be Effective for Reps Managing a Sales Territory


To give control back to sales reps, training must be faster. Then reps can do what they do best: sell. But often faster training comes at the expense of quality. Not with Adaptive Learning.

Unlike unengaging, one-size-fits-none e-learning, Adaptive Learning uses formative assessment - essentially, teaching by asking questions - to personalize to individual learners. As learners answer questions, and also self-assess their confidence in their answers, the adaptive engine adjusts itself to the knowledge base of the learner, training up to 50% faster than other corporate learning methods. How can training be this fast without compromising quality?

When a sales rep has mastered most product knowledge but maybe needs a refresher on the features of one new product, they’re too busy managing a sales territory and are not going to want to sit through another e-learning course for that small portion of learning.

When the sales rep trains via Adaptive Learning, the software adjusts to that sales rep’s knowledge, showing them only the features they need refreshed, without wasting their time on learning objectives they’ve already mastered.

Want to Discover Other Ways Adaptive Learning Gets Sales Teams Up To Speed Faster?

Download this infographic to learn how Adaptive Learning trains sales reps faster and better than other training methods.

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