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These Healthcare Companies Are Excelling With Adaptive Learning

Posted by Area9 on Aug 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Healthcare professionals in the NEJM Group, AACC and Coloplast, among others, turned to Adaptive Learning to optimize their training impact.  

And these healthcare companies were not disappointed. Adaptive Learning delivered on its promise to:

  • Train up to 50% faster than traditional programs without sacrificing quality
  • Uncover and target unconscious incompetence to maximize learner proficiency
  • Recharge knowledge periodically so learners never forget crucial concepts

With better training came better results — and better business impact.

3 Ways Adaptive Learning Is Optimizing Training for Healthcare Companies

  1. NEJM Group
    Adaptive Learning is especially suited to physicians, who have precious little time to devote to training and board certification requirements. NEJM Group, in partnership with Area9 Learning, built NEJM Knowledge+ to provide mobile-compatible, personalized, and customizable courseware for physicians and program directors working their way through board certification curricula and continuing medical education. Adaptive Learning’s mobile capability:
  • Allowed physicians to study core material on the go, whenever they had time to spare in their busy schedules
  • Transformed study time from textbook learning, with little or no feedback, to interactive, engaging learning, with immediate feedback
  • Provided user-friendly data that helped learners understand the areas of study they needed to attend to more closely
  • Uncovered areas of unconscious incompetence that are always undesirable and even dangerous or potentially fatal in medicine

    One NEJM Group study demonstrated a preliminary connection between learners’ use of Adaptive Learning courseware and their success in ABIM initial certification exams. And physicians are full of praise for how Adaptive Learning transformed their learning experience and made continuing healthcare education and certification compatible with their busy lives.


In 2014, AACC partnered with Area9 and the NEJM Group to build the AACC Learning Lab for Laboratory Medicine on Knowledge+. Dr. Nader Rifai, co-editor of the Learning Lab, expects that, with more than 120 courses across the disciplines of laboratory medicine, the program will become “the de facto backbone of all training programs and the main source for providing continuing education credits in the field.” 

As with physician training, laboratory professionals needed a training approach that would adequately prepare them for certification exams in as short a time as possible without sacrificing quality. They also needed to keep up-to-date on new developments in the field in order to optimize patient care.

Adaptive Learning rose to the challenge by bringing learners to proficiency and mastery fast by uncovering learners’ weaker areas and by providing personalized course material to strengthen these areas.


3. Coloplast

Coloplast, makers of intimate healthcare products, faced different training challenges to NEJM Group and AACC. Coloplast needed to:

  • Train sales reps on highly complex products quickly
  • Improve consistency in training for more than 1000 sales reps around the world
  • Monitor training in order to better manage employees and optimize training impact

Adaptive Learning rose to meet these challenges.

The results were clear. An overwhelming majority of learners strongly agreed that the course delivered via Adaptive Learning software:

  • improved their understanding of ostomy products
  • improved their confidence in selling these products as well as their ability to discuss ostomy topics
  • was a worthwhile use of their time

Management found that Adaptive Learning reduced attrition rates among new employees during the onboarding process and they were also able to track employee progress based on educational background.

Adaptive Learning Optimizes Training in Diverse Healthcare Companies

Whatever your healthcare training needs, Adaptive Learning can help. To learn more about how Adaptive Learning can help you solve your company’s healthcare challenges, download this infographic:

Area9 medical education infographic

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