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Train End Users on Pharmaceutical Products for Better Patient Outcomes

Posted by Area9 on Aug 29, 2018 9:00:00 AM

How confident are you that your end users are choosing the appropriate treatments for their patients as knowledgeably and as responsibly as they can? If your answer is anywhere along the spectrum of “I’m not sure” to “I’m reasonably confident,” then there’s work to be done. 

Now, more than ever, your end user customers need to understand the impact of the drugs they prescribe to their patients, including benefits and risks. And there is a proven better way to teach them about your products than simply providing them with a binder full of information or inviting them to lunch.

Adaptive Learning will allow your customers to learn about your pharmaceutical products in an interactive, engaging way. Through formative assessment, the adaptive engine will ascertain learner confidence in curriculum materials, and pinpoint gaps and weak areas in their knowledge that need to be targeted in order to bring each learner to content mastery.

And content mastery is what will allow you to say “I’m confident my customers have the knowledge they need to prescribe our products responsibly and appropriately.”

Training That Adjusts to the Needs of Medical Professionals

nullAdaptive Learning already works for both internal and external stakeholders. Launched as NEJM Knowledge+ with the NEJM Group, Adaptive Learning has been helping medical professionals:

  • Identify and target gaps in their knowledge through a personalized curriculum for each learner
  • Uncover and eliminate unconscious incompetence — what they don’t know they don’t know
  • Reach proficiency faster — up to 50% faster than traditional approaches — without sacrificing quality

And because the adaptive engine generates user-friendly data on learners’ areas of strength and weakness, each learner will be better able to manage their own learning.

For pharmaceutical learning, you will also have access to this data, so you always know what aspects of a product are proving particularly challenging for learners across the board, or among a subset of your customers. You may then choose to supplement knowledge by creating additional course content via Adaptive Learning, in addition to using other methods, such as direct outreach via your own team.

And Area9 is the perfect partner to help you analyze this data to show the impact of Adaptive Learning on patient outcomes. We can test to see if your physicians’ level of knowledge and training helped them pick a better patient-based outcome, as compared to physicians who were not exposed to Adaptive Learning courseware. With this information, you can be as confident as possible that your customer training is optimally effective. And your physicians will also be confident in prescribing your products to their patients.

Learn more about solutions to your training challenges with this infographic:

Area9 medical education infographic

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