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What Happens to My Learning Management System in the Age of Adaptive Learning?

Posted by Area9 on Nov 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Almost every training function in the corporate world has their own learning management system (LMS), either created in-house or by a third party. So if you are looking to change your corporate e-learning platform, one of the major questions you must ask is: how will the new platform integrate with your existing LMS?

What Is Adaptive Learning & How Does It Integrate With Your Learning Management System?

Adaptive Learning is e-learning personalized to each individual learner in real-time. Adaptive Learning will cut down on time spent in training, in some cases by up to 50%, and Area9’s platform also guarantees mastery of learning content.

Adaptive Learning is completely different from other e-learning systems buzzwords, like micro-learning and gamification, in that it actually delivers on its promise to increase proficiency. By contrast, the corporate learning industry has spent the last few years trying to use games to drive a learner’s motivation to gain mastery. While high scores appear to motivate some learners, they don’t motivate enough.

In fact, games have a better chance of making learners waste their time while not bringing them to proficiency.

Once people realize this, the next most frequently asked question of Area9 is whether or not Adaptive Learning can integrate with an already existing learning management system.

In the case of Adaptive Learning, the answer is yes: Adaptive Learning can integrate with any learning management system or operate as standalone.

Adaptive Learning integrates seamlessly via SCORM, xAPI or through simple URLs.

Don’t Forget the Learning Content Management System

Area9’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS) costs far less than the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that LCMS vendors charge. Our LCMS is included - for free - in the base Adaptive Learning platform.


So you can:

  1. store your content;
  2. reuse content at the module or learning objective level;
  3. duplicate content;
  4. save incrementally, and get full version control.

All of these features streamline the Adaptive Learning content development process, improving quality and reducing costs and time to market.

Here Are Some Other Ways an Adaptive Learning System Makes Corporate Learning Easier

Adaptive Learning is here to make corporate learning easier, faster, and more engaging for the learner and your business. Find out more ways Adaptive Learning does just that when you download this free ebook, What’s Broken About Corporate E-Learning (& How Adaptive Learning Heals The Gap).

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