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What Is Adaptive Learning? The Fix for E-Learning Engagement

Posted by Area9 on Oct 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Because every brain is different, every brain learns differently. To truly learn, people (and their brains) must be fully engaged in the content. Despite the problem it set out to solve, e-learning is widely criticized for failing to provide this level of engagement we expect.

Instead, e-learning has become synonymous with busy work: it often feels meaningless, with learners simply going through the motions, learning nothing.

Why did this happen? Because to be truly effective e-learning must be personalized to every learner no matter how they learn - Enter Area9 Adaptive Learning.

What is Adaptive Learning? The solution to the e-learning problem.

The Issue With E-Learning

Most e-learning is based on one model: an assumption that learning can be done in a linear way and that learning objectives can be connected on a straight line, like pit stops on a highway.

The problem is that there is no way to tell if a learner fails to comprehend a learning objective. Adding a quiz at the end of a course or module can provide clues, but the linear learning approach has no way to respond, other than to ask the learner to repeat the same linear path.

But learning is much more complicated than this. Learning is sophisticated.

What Is Adaptive Learning & Why Has It Taken 20 Years to Resolve the Problem With E-Learning

what is adaptive learning.pngWith backgrounds in cognitive science and computer science, Area9 has been able to focus 20 years of research on this one core truth: every brain is different and therefore every way of learning is different - so the teaching should adjust on demand to each individual’s brain. Sure, some learners might learn in a linear way like the old traditional model of education. But there are countless ways learners can approach learning objectives - and in corporate education, when productivity and risk to the business are on the line, you can’t afford to ignore the needs of all the individuals who make up your team.

Area9’s approach to Adaptive Learning is based on a biological model of learning: deliver training based on how our brains actually work.The biological model personalizes the learning process to each learner. Unlike other training delivery methods, the Area9 platform uses algorithms that mimic biological processes to adapt in real-time to every learner, guaranteeing proficiency and reducing time to mastery by 50% compared to instructor-led and other e-learning approaches.  

Over 20 years of research has resulted in Area9’s proprietary Adaptive Learning platform: an e-learning system that personalizes to each individual learner.

True Adaptive Learning Optimizes E-Learning

Adaptive Learning acknowledges that every brain learns differently and provides a platform for individual learners to do just that. When learners are able to learn their way, they become more engaged with the learning objectives set out for them. More engaged learners lead to better retention and mastery of learning content.

Optimize Your E-Learning Platform

Find out if your current e-learning approach stacks up well against the biological adaptive approach by downloading this checklist. You can also find out if your industry is especially suited to Adaptive Learning and how Adaptive Learning not only benefits your training but returns productivity to your business.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist

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