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What Is E-Learning Fatigue & Are Your Learners Suffering?

Posted by Area9 on Oct 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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The intent behind corporate training is this: providing engaging learning opportunities to multiple learners for maximum business impact. Unfortunately the intention often falls short of the reality and you instead get a PowerPoint deck that does little to engage, teach, or impact the business.

Rather inappropriately, course completion has often been the only metric used to measure learning. Corporations have offered more courses electronically in the hopes that they can be completed more quickly (i.e. between an individual’s other tasks). But course completion does not measure behavior change. An outcome of this unfortunate corporate training reality is e-learning fatigue.

Can You Identify E-Learning Fatigue?

The symptoms of e-learning fatigue are difficult to spot because they don’t seem to do much harm. They’ve escaped notice for so long because, before now, no one tracked the effect training had on a corporate team.

After studying education practices for 20 years, we’ve learned that the brain is selective about what it commits to long term memory. The end result: traditional corporate training does little to change behavior, and people default back to their previous bank of knowledge - creating the very risks in your business that training set out to resolve.

Here’s How to Prevent E-Learning Fatigue

problem solution to e-learning.jpgLuckily, a cure does exist for the indiscriminate affliction of e-learning fatigue. Adaptive Learning is personalized to every learner to provide e-learning at scale. This means that Adaptive Learning consistently achieves the following results:

  • Learners spend less time training (up to 50% less) for similar outcomes,
  • Learners experience increased engagement in training, and
  • Learners can demonstrate guaranteed proficiency to stakeholders.

One way Adaptive Learning achieves these results is to uncover and correct a lesser known symptom of e-learning fatigue: “unconscious incompetence” (i.e. not knowing what you don’t know). When corporate learners believe they understand the content and skim or skip over it during corporate training, there is a failure to master content and costly mistakes for the business are often the result.

Can You Resolve the E-Learning Risk?

Diagnose e-learning fatigue in your business and see if your business is especially suited to the benefits of Adaptive Learning when you download “Why Your E-Learning Platform Isn’t Working: How To Resolve E-Learning Issues Risk Free”, an Adaptive Learning checklist.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist

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