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What Is Unconscious Incompetence & How Can You Prevent It?

Posted by Area9 on Oct 25, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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You’ve heard the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”; this is unconscious incompetence. Imagine your sales team: are they confident that they understand all of the important features of your products? In reality, they probably don’t. That lack of knowledge is a reason your company might miss revenue goals. You’re not alone; unconscious incompetence negatively affects most companies.

What Does Unconscious Incompetence Mean for Your Company?

Unconscious incompetence exists across all industries.

Area9 Learning data shows that employees are 15-40% unconsciously incompetent about critical competencies they must master in order to perform their jobs.

No matter what kind of business you run, unconscious incompetence undoubtedly costs you money in miscalculations or misinformation. When it comes to safety and compliance, unconscious incompetence can have a serious impact on your employees and the business.

Reduce the Risk of Unconscious Incompetence

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Here’s something that addresses the gap of unconscious incompetence and the harm it can do in the workplace. We’re talking about Adaptive Learning. It’s making such a stir in the world of corporate learning that its industry leader, Area9, was named a Top 20 Training Delivery Company by Training Industry, and a 2017 Hot Vendor In Learning by Aragon Research. Adaptive Learning is personalized learning, at scale - yes, you can actually personalize learning for thousands of people across your organization all at once.

Adaptive Learning does what it says - it adapts to every learner. Instead of wasting time re-reading what they already know, learners spend that time more meaningfully by learning what they don’t know - including the things they are unconsciously incompetent (what they don’t know) about, and anything they learned recently but may have forgotten.

Adaptive Learning software identifies where each learner lacks knowledge, and corrects them. Reducing unconscious incompetence in your business means:

  • improving overall employee and financial performance
  • reducing financial risk and company liability

What Other Problems Can Adaptive Learning Resolve for You?

Adaptive Learning can do so much more than uncover unconscious incompetence amongst the team that works in your company. It’s been used by a sports software company, Trackman, to do a better job training their customers on how to use their technology; there are many other innovative use cases. Discover what else Adaptive Learning can do when you download an infographic about Area9’s brand of Adaptive Learning.

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