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What Makes the Adaptive Learning Model the Solution to E-Learning?

Posted by Area9 on Nov 24, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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The Adaptive Learning model sets itself apart from traditional corporate e-learning because it is able to focus on building and measuring proficiency. Traditional corporate e-learning focuses on “course completion” as the key performance indicator (KPI) - but course completion has nothing to do with mastery of information.

 Adaptive Learning has direct, tangible benefits for your business.

What Sets the Adaptive Learning Model Apart?

  1. Area9 Adaptive Learning uses a biological model rather than an inference model. The inference model of learning is like a linear flowchart. Learning is seen as a series of events, moving the learner from one point to the next. But learning doesn’t happen that way. The biological model that Area9 Adaptive Learning is based on acknowledges that learning doesn’t happen in a straight line. When learners use a biological model they don’t have to start where everyone else starts.

What is the benefit to your business? The Adaptive Learning model improves e-learning effectiveness because it is personalized to each learner and places them within the learning content accordingly.

Your learners don’t have to spend time slogging through content they’ve already mastered; theyAdaptive Learning Model 2.jpg only spend time learning the things they need to. Learners feel engaged when their personal skills and experience are acknowledged, and engagement optimizes their training time. The ability to focus on the content they do not yet know allows them to spend less time going through a corporate learning course and more time applying what they’ve learned to your business.

2. Adaptive Learning recharges your brain. Because the Adaptive Learning model recognizes that learning is not a series of events, learners are exposed to material multiple times throughout an Adaptive Learning corporate e-learning course. This ensures the learner truly learns, memorizes, and understands the material.

What is the benefit to your business? The recharge phase of Adaptive Learning exposes learners to content they’ve already covered, in a new way, in order to remind or recharge their brains. And because the Adaptive Learning model is personalized to each learner, it will only focus on areas that the learner struggled with, again optimizing training time.

What Other Solutions Does the Adaptive Learning Model Provide?

These are just a few of the ways Adaptive Learning solves the problems of traditional corporate e-learning. Learn more about the benefits of Adaptive Learning for your business when you download this free infographic.

Adaptive E-Learning infographic


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