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When Your Sales Training Results Are All Over the Map, You Need Adaptive Learning

Posted by Area9 on Jun 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Sales and sales management training have the double hurdle of having to train many people over a vast territory (for example, employees in satellite offices or travelling sales reps) and with varied experience levels ranging from novice to expert.

Traditional corporate learning would require that you:

  1. Call everyone in for training, thus creating extra travel time and taking employees away from their sales. According to Hubspot, sales reps spend “66% of their time doing things other than talking to prospects.”
  2. Provide online training that bores experienced reps or confuses the new ones.
  3. Develop costly training programs for all levels of experience.

How Adaptive Learning Fixes These 3 Sales Training Problems

  1. Adaptive Learning happens wherever the learner is. You don’t need to bring employees into one centralized place to update their sales training: it can be completed from any device, including mobile phones or tablets, and only requires an internet connection to download or sync courses.

    If you absolutely must provide classroom training, you can use a blended learning model: nullprovide Adaptive Learning sales training before in-class instruction to prepare learners for what’s to come in-class and track their results to pinpoint problem areas. Then, in class, instructors spend less time lecturing and more time in a coaching position: leading discussion, role-playing, or explaining problem areas.
  2. Because Adaptive Learning adjusts to the needs of individual learners sales rep will not be bored or overwhelmed by their training.

    The adaptive engine knows what employees have already mastered so no one wastes precious sales time reviewing learning content they’ve already seen.

    The Adaptive Learning approach therefore increases learner engagement, ensuring learner mastery of the course content.

  3. Adaptive Learning also trains at scale, something “one-size-fits-none” e-learning has never delivered. Regardless of experience level or the size of the organization, the adaptive engine ensures every employee masters the learning content.

Want to Know What Else Adaptive Learning Can Do For Your Sales Training?

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