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Who Is Benefitting from Adaptive Learning Technology Right Now?

Posted by Area9 on Dec 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Adaptive Learning technology can be used in any corporate learning scenario. But here’s a snapshot of a few industries who are killing it with adapted technology.

1. Fields That Require Precision

Nobody likes to make mistakes but certain industries, such as medicine, demand nothing short of perfection. Sometimes we assume we’re doing our jobs to the highest standard, but when assumptions are made they can lead to mistakes and in some industries mistakes can do more than put your business at financial risk, they can affect people’s health and safety.

Area9 Learning research suggests that for any given subject, any employee is 15-40% unconsciously incompetent. Unconscious incompetence exists in every industry and while it’s important that it be corrected everywhere it’s easy to see how dangerous unconscious incompetence could be in medical fields or those that require strict adherence to safety and compliance. The difference between a doctor or nurse knowing a fact with confidence about medical treatment or thinking they know is monumental.

Here’s how the New England Journal of Medicine worked with Area9 Learning to create NEJM Knowledge+, to help doctors and clinicians prepare for Board Certification.

2.Industries That Don’t Use Traditional Classrooms

When we think of corporate learning we often think of classrooms, PowerPoint, and post-course questionnaires. But not all learning happens in a corporate classroom. Adaptive Learning accommodates fields that require flexibility.

Adaptive Learning is mobile so your staff can learn outside of the classroom: at home, in line for coffee, wherever they can access their mobile phone or tablet.


Mobile Adaptive Learning only requires a brief internet connection to download a course or sync results so learners aren’t anchored to a Wi-Fi connection.

Trackman took Adaptive Learning out of the classroom when they partnered with Area9 Learning to develop Trackman University: a way to teach their customers how to better use their software. Now, golfers, from the weekend amateur to the PGA Tour, learn about the science (and analysis) behind every golf swing and golf ball’s flight.

3. Companies That Don’t Have Time For Training!

For some business sectors, time off the floor or away from your station has a direct and negative impact on the bottom line.

Your staff are valuable resources. To justify taking these people away from their jobs, your business must receive positive business outcomes in return.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if fields that don’t have the time for training could see a direct ROI by giving productivity and time back to their staff and business?

American luxury lifestyle brand, Shinola, uses Adaptive Learning to efficiently and effectively onboard new retail staff, allowing this rapidly growing business to get staff onto the floor helping customers and selling merchandise faster.

Can Your Field Benefit from Adaptive Learning Technology?

Maybe you can’t pinpoint your business in the above examples; that doesn’t mean Adaptive Learning is a bad fit for your corporate learning delivery methods. This downloadable checklist will help you identify some common problems in corporate learning to determine how Adaptive Learning can best help your business.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist


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