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Why Is Mobile Adaptive Learning Better Than Traditional E-Learning?

Posted by Area9 on Nov 27, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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A frequent complaint about traditional learning is that it takes employees away from their jobs. They spend valuable time training when they could be working. Worse, the impact of the training is unknown. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a fix for everything that’s broken about e-learning right now, so that your employees can take impactful training courses or learn new systems anywhere.

At Area9 Learning, we obviously believe corporate learning is integral and valuable to your business but only if it’s done right. Yet, training is often one of the first budgets to be cut when your company is in strife because impact is not measured and training becomes a hard-to-justify expense, especially, when it seems like all training is doing is creating more “busy work” for employees who should instead be doing productive work that can grow your business.

Adaptive Learning is corporate learning done right: it optimizes training time and guarantees learner mastery. Adaptive Learning can be done wholly from a mobile device, delivering an optimized, “just-in-time” experience.

How Does Mobile Adaptive Learning Benefit Your Business?

Mobile Adaptive Learning 2.jpgMobile Adaptive Learning is an essential corporate training tool because it means your employees can learn on the go.

They no longer have to sit through the long, boring presentations and mind-numbing tests that have for so long been synonymous with what is wrong with e-learning.

In fact, when learners go mobile they can learn anywhere. With mobile Adaptive Learning the classroom can be in the elevator, on their couch at home, or in line for coffee. The classroom is wherever learners can bring their tablet or phone.

Even better? A continuous internet connection isn’t necessary to use mobile Adaptive Learning. On mobile, a connection is only required to download a course or to synchronize results.

Mobile Adaptive Learning from Area9 is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile.

Discover NEJM Knowledge+ & Other Benefits of Adaptive Learning

The New England Journal of Medicine partnered with Area9 Learning to create NEJM Knowledge+. Mobile Adaptive Learning is one of the necessary methods of training delivery for doctors and clinicians - who have little time to sit down and study - when preparing for Board Certification.

Learning on the go is only one of the many benefits Adaptive Learning can bring to your business. Learn more about how Adaptive Learning can improve your corporate learning and return productivity back into your business with this free ebook.

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