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What Are The Problems With E-Learning (& How to Resolve Them)

Posted by Area9 on Oct 23, 2017 12:24:00 PM
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For years, corporate satisfaction with e-learning has been low - and rightly so. Low engagement, difficulty in measuring outcomes, and lack of impact has left learners and training departments alike with bad feelings and low expectations of e-learning. E-Learning overcomes logistical challenges, but fails in most other areas.

Techniques like gamification make big promises but are costly, require extra work and don’t deliver on what your company needs from e-learning - quantifiable results in the form of improved employee knowledge, performance, and productivity. Micro-learning is a step in the right direction, but results are inconsistent and on its own it doesn’t provide a solution to e-learning’s underlying problems.

How to Resolve the Problem with E-Learning

elearning.jpgAfter 20 years of research into computer science and cognitive science, Area9 has pinpointed the problems with e-learning and designed a system to resolve them.

The result is Adaptive Learning, an e-learning system that molds itself around the needs of each individual learner in real-time.

The Adaptive Learning system knows what each student needs to learn and optimizes their experience around that. Personalization is the key to the success of Adaptive Learning.

Personalization creates a more engaged learning environment and ensures learners become proficient faster - spending up to 50% less time learning and more time bringing what they’ve learned back into the business. (And it will integrate with your existing e-learning platforms, including major learning management systems (LMS).

Adaptive Learning also uncovers and corrects areas of “unconscious incompetence” (or not knowing what you don’t know). Area9 data shows that unconscious incompetence occurs in 15-40% of a topic for any learner. Now, instead of an employee skipping over a section of their e-learning course because they think they know the content (but they really don’t) the Adaptive Learning platform helps them recognize their misperceptions and corrects them.

What Makes Adaptive Learning Better for E-Learning?

Adaptive Learning ensures that learners receive the maximum impact from their time in training. Even better, Adaptive Learning guarantees mastery of the learning content so companies don’t have to spend more money and time on re-training.

The learners already using this training delivery method report that their training is more worthwhile than other corporate training methods because now, with the Area9 Adaptive Learning platform, there is true meaning, impact, and time savings to their training.

Not only does Adaptive Learning increase engagement, it ensures that engagement is translated into mastery. This benefits all industries.

Improve Your E-Learning Platform With Adaptive Learning

E-Learning has had questionable results in the past but the solution is here in the form of Adaptive Learning. Discover if your e-learning platform needs a boost and if your industry is especially suited to Adaptive Learning with Why Your E-Learning Platform Isn’t Working: How To Resolve E-Learning Issues Risk Free, a free Adaptive Learning Checklist.

Why Your E-learning Platform isn't Working Checklist


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